Repo renaming and HyperOS

Quick update:


I renamed the four repos used for Pipette:

I’m still not super happy with the names, but at least you can tell that they belong to a single project now.

READMEs are coming soon!


On the #dat irc channel, Max Ogden suggested I try out HyperOS - it’s a simple way to run a Linux virtual machine image on an OS X machine. He just added support for dat-container today. I tried it out on my laptop, and it worked great!

Since pipette-hugo-worker is a variant of dat-container, I decided to try that out. It didn’t work immediately.

After investigating, I discovered that HyperOS didn’t have the tools to decompress a .xz file - I’m using that to compress the ‘primer’ file that speeds things up … I am thinking of switching to .gz anyways to see if it would unzip faster.

Also, the HyperOS image uses the version of losetup from busybox, which has different command line options than the Ubuntu version. I did some hacking to the file, and go it to work!

So after I get some READMEs done, I think I’ll do a version that runs inside HyperOS to make it easy for OS X users to run a worker on their own hardware. I’m thinking to make it really, really user friendly, it would also be nice to wrap it in an Electron app, but that will have to come later…

Update: Switching to .gz from .xz didn’t speed up the unzipping phase, but it did increase the primer tarball size from 31M to 44M. I’d prefer to keep .xz, but I will switch to .gz for now so I can play with HyperOS without having to modify it. But I did discover that I need to create the tarball using the –sparse flag or it wastes a lot of disk space when it unpacks for zeroed out files.