Messing around with HyperOS

I had some success getting the Pipette Hugo worker to run inside HyperOS.

Most of the problems are due to the fact that HyperOS is designed primarily to run dat-container, and dat-container only. My pipette-hugo-worker project started out as a fork of dat-container, so it mostly works.

But I added some dependencies on losetup, GNU tar, and xz in order to speed up the first-time run, which is quite slow with dat-container. Unfortunately, the BusyBox-based equivalents in HyperOS were missing features. I think I’ve figured out a workaround.

Additionally, I’ve been experiencing some random hangs/deadlock type behaviour when running either dat-container or pipette-hugo-worker. I’ve been trying some things out with Max Ogden in the #dat IRC channel … I believe it’s got something to do with the random number generator, so I’m trying to figure that out.

Right now, HyperOS runs on a RAM disk, so it’s not really suitable for running pipette-hugo-worker, as there is no persistance. But I think it could make a nice demo on OS X. And as I understand it, the ultimate plan for HyperOS is to have persistance capability via Dat … that’s a pretty wild idea!